Kimolos is a real retreat for quiet holidays and alternative vacations in the mesmerizing complex of the Cyclades. The neighboring island of Milos is located within a short distance, enabling visitors to make day trips.

The Echinousa complex is situated 100 meters from the sea, 500 m from the entrance of the village, about 200 meters from the harbor of Kimolos and 50 meters from the bus stop, offering the perfect base and an excellent starting point for summer excursions.


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Villages & Attractions

Village: The largest settlement is the Village of Kimolos which is also the capital of the island. At the foot of Xaplovouni Mountain this enchanting settlement exudes an aura of genuine charm, adorned by the impressive touches of the Aegean architecture. The gleaming white houses, the golden sandy beaches and picturesque chapels, all bathed by the Cycladic light emanate an unrivalled sense of warm island hospitality. The village is the most popular spot on the island, the reference point for both locals and visitors.

The Medieval Castle: a landmark of the old village, the medieval castle dating back to the 14th-16th century is a typical example of Cycladic architecture with rows of gleaming white houses and steel doors.

The Archaeological Museum: opposite the Metropolitan Church of Panagia Odigitria, the Archaeological Museum hosts artefacts and archaeological findings from the 7th century BC that bear witness to the history of Kimolos.

The Folklore Museum: in the castle of Kimolos, the Folklore Museum preserves and exhibits artefacts that reflect the cultural heritage of the island.

The windmills of Xapovouni: the 8 picturesque windmills of Kimolos adorn the island, giving a touch of Cycladic charm.

The Churches of Kimolos: the Metropolitan Church of Panagia Odigitria, the Church of the birth of Christ, Pantocrator, St. Chrysostom, Panagia of Konomou, Taxiarches, Chrisopigi, Savior and Agioi Anargyroi.

Psathi: the picturesque village of Psathi is located just a kilometre from the capital and it is the main harbour of Kimolos featuring a sandy beach and a few seaside taverns.

Prassa: Prassa village is well known for the extraction of chalk, the all-white beach and coastal caves that host the Mediterranean Monk seals.

Goupa Kara: a picturesque coastal village of outstanding beauty, with houses carved into the cliffs and traditional “syrmata” for boat storage.

Vromolimni Cave: is the longest cave in a series of caves nestled among the rocks.

Hellenika & Mavrospilia: located approximately 1 hour from the village, Hellenika is a settlement of great archaeological and historical interest due to an ancient necropolis with tombs hewn in the rocks that was discovered in the area. An ancient city that has disappeared in the depths of the sea invites divers to embark on a trip in time. The area is famous for its amazing sunset.

Skiadi: A stunning natural monument of rock formations sculpted by the sea breeze.

Geronikola t ‘ Apsyla: Silvery volcanic rocks create a unique formation of exceptional beauty. The sea view from the top of the rocks is astounding.

Polyaigos & surrounding islands: the island of Polyaigos is located just 2 kilometers from Kimolos and it is the largest uninhabited island across Greece and the best preserved natural island in the Mediterranean. Most of the island belongs to the Church and the only remaining inhabitants are some goats, hence the name Poly-Aigos meaning Many-Goats. The small private neighbouring islands of St. George and St. Eustatius also belong to the municipality of Kimolos.

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  • 1. Goupa Karra
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  • 3. Skiadi
  • 4. Polyaigos & surrounding islands
  • 5. Mavrospilia
  • 1. The windmills of Xapovouni
  • 2. The Medieval Castle


Goupa Karra


Kimolos Port

Polyaigos & surrounding islands


The windmills of Xapovouni

The Medieval Castle