Located 100 meters from the Echinousa complex on the beack of Psathi we created the Kafeneon Echinousa. Literally on the beach, Kafeneon offers Greek breakfast with local products, homemade pastries and local delicacies at really reasonable prices, as well as free sunbeds on the beach for those who enjoy their holidays in the Echinousa complex.

The mouth-watering scents of local dishes inspired by the traditional cuisine come to tantalize the palates with the distinctive flavours of Greece. The charming Echinousa complex enriches its guests’ overall experience with delectable suggestions from the Greek cuisine and the Mediterranean diet, offered at the Kafeneon seaside restaurant, the most traditional restaurant in Kimolos. The restaurant is set in a truly authentic atmosphere resembling a scene from the classic Greek Cinema.

Kafeneon with Greek cuisine in Psathi complements the savoury sea breeze with the scrumptious traditional Greek tastes served right by the seashore, making Kimolos to appear like a dreamy island on a postcard.