Kimolos is an ideal destination for family holidays and alternative tourism. Upon arrival guests are greeted by the gleaming white houses on the picturesque street and the refreshing scents of the blooming gardens. By following the road through towering trees the traveller begins to distinguish the inscription ECHINOYSA. What he encounters is not a common hotel but a heart-warming neighbourhood amidst orchards, releasing their delicate aromas into the summer breeze. Embraced by the serene island vibe, the Echinousa complex offers a unique accommodation in Kimolos Island for families seeking quality in their vacation.

Maisonettes for Family Accommodation in Kimolos

Near the sea and the beautiful beach of Psathi, just a few meters from the harbor, the Echinousa maisonettes for family accommodation in Kimolos are sure to captivate even the most discerning travelers. The exceptional surrounding area with the lush green lawns, the luxurious amenities and the authentic Cycladic architecture create a sense of relaxation, calm and family warmth. In this charming affordable family accommodation in the Cyclades group of islands in Greece the unrivalled comfort is brilliantly complemented by the high quality of service ensuring a stay beyond expectations.

Apartments for Romantic Holidays in the Cyclades

With decorations inspired by the unique island aesthetic, the specially designed Echinousa apartments for romantic holidays in the Cyclades island complex in Greece promise to offer the most romantic memories. The stunning landscape that unfolds in front of the terrace, the tantalizing dinners under the moonlight at Echinousa restaurant by the beach and the fragrant sea breeze contribute to enhance the unrivalled feel of relaxation, at what is considered the ultimate destination for a romantic vacation.